Purpose-built to transform financial services

Leading public blockchain for financial services: An ecosystem of more than 60 active financial institutions, fintechs, and DeFi brands, and $12B+ in supported transactions.
Programmable, and enables privacy and compliance: Benefit from key features specifically built for financial service to achieve compliance standards, customize contracts, and manage privacy of sensitive data.
Easy to build on, compatible, and battle-tested: Easy to build, plug-in, and deploy on Provenance Blockchain. Part of the Cosmos’ ecosystem, build using Cosmos SDKs and multi-chain compatibility to move assets.
Trusted at scale by TradFi, Fintechs, and DeFi: The public blockchain with active real-world digitally -native financial assets securely managed at scale by leading financial service brands.


BlockVal's Provenance Validator


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Current comission: 0%

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HASH Native Tokens & Staking

Head over to the staking site
connect your wallet & press the button "Delegate" being rewarded on average N/A% est. APR.