The Future of metaverse

Passage provides an ecosystem for building and connecting virtual and physical experiences through creator-built games.
On its face, Passage is a social network. Under the hood, it’s an open worldbuilding platform with invisible infrastructure for connecting digital / metaverse experiences.
The Passage experience starts with a familiar 2D interface. From there, users can discover and access immersive 3D worlds.
Built with Cosmos, Passage is blockchain-agnostic and offers a suite of tools to make virtual worlds more accessible: in-browser streaming, cross-world commerce for fungible tokens and NFTs, social functionality, and 3D communication infrastructure.


BlockVal's Passage Validator


Current APR: 38%
Current comission: 3%

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PASG Native Tokens & Staking

Head over to the staking site
connect your wallet & press the button "Delegate" being rewarded on average 5% est. APR.