The blockchain cosmos on your phone

Planq network opens up the full blockchain potential of your phone with easy accessibility.
Any mobile device in the world can run the Planq platform thanks to its OS-agnostic design. In the modern world, over 50% of people do not have access to a computer, whether that be a laptop or a desktop. However, more than 80% of people have access to a mobile phone.
By focusing on easy accessibility and close integration of other blockchains via IBC, Planq will push Web3 adoption in the mobile space to the next level.


BlockVal's Planq Validator


Current APR:287.3%
Current comission: 0%

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PLANQ Native Tokens & Staking

Head over to the staking site
connect your wallet & press the button "Delegate" being rewarded on average 287.3% est. APR.