The World's First AI Oracle for Blockchains

Oraichain’s AI Oracle is the gateway to incorporate machine learning functionalities into smart contracts. Marking the end of the ‘read-only’ era, Blockchain can finally unlock an unlimited range of applicability.
With Blockchain technology, Oraichain implements an innovative mechanism for incentivizing cooperation by offering royalties to contributors. This creates a decentralized ecosystem to connect the workforce, inspiring improved and more scalable Artificial Intelligence solutions.


BlockVal's Oraichain Validator


Current APR: 26.33%
Current comission: 3%

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ORAI Native Tokens & Staking

After the successful launch of Oraichain’s Mainnet, the ORAI native token serves as utility to fuel and power the Mainnet. Anybody can join and be part of the network to further stabilise and help with the decentralisation whilst being rewarded on average 29% est. APR.

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