High availability

Our servers are always protected against possible failures. The current state of all equipment and infrastructure is continuously controlled by our provider’s monitoring system, being able to anticipate any problem before it can affect the service.


100% Redundancy

Every element is always backed by another one ready to come into play in case of failure.

Triple Replication

Our servers disks are located in a distributed storage cluster. Each time there is a write operation, data is written simultaneously on 3 separate disks which are in different storage cabins.

In case of a hardware problem in an Hypervisor, servers hosted can be started in different hypervisors within seconds. The system architecture provides high fault tolerance, insured data integrity and lightning speed snapshots and cloning.

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Our servers have a predictable performance. Using innovative technologies like NUMA or Transparent Huge Pages makes their RAM as fast as possible.
SSD NVME disks with a nminimum write/read IOPS of 10000, and maximum response time of 0.7s.
The network infreaestructure by CISCO performs a minimum of 80 Gbps with peaks of 160Gbps.


Thousands of monitoring systems constantly control the status of the equipment and infrastructure, allowing to anticipate to any problem before service is affected.

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