Powering the future of on-chain intention execution. Secure, Private, Free.

Composable is the base layer connecting L1s and L2s. We are scaling IBC to other ecosystems, pushing the boundaries of trust-minimized interoperability. We abstract the cross-chain experience for users, delivering seamless chain-agnostic execution of user intentions.
Composable's technical stack establishes seamless and secure cross-ecosystem interoperability while upholding web3's core principles. Users' intentions trigger automated cross-chain transactions, streamlining processes. The solution to the current fragmentation in DeFi is not more of the same bridges being built between one chain to another. Instead, it is the unification of all ecosystems powered by a generalized framework for cross-chain infrastructure - the Inter-blockchain Communication Protocol.
Composable's interoperable infrastructure forms the foundation for DeFi's mass adoption, offering user-centric services like optimal lending rates and efficient swaps. The Composable VM unifies monolothic chains, optimizing smart contract execution for developers and users.


BlockVal's Centauri Validator


Current APR: 5%
Current comission: 5%

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